Anita, California
“I was a girl scout, maybe 10. We were all at summer camp, in Georgia, and we went to the lake at night. “Want to go skinny dip?” …and we did! Then when I grew up, I gave my husband–to–be a book on Nude Beaches in Southern California as a stocking stuffer for Christmas. We took the motor home to a place very near where we both lived, and we were so happy with the way we were treated, and the relaxation and fun we had, we never looked back!”

Helen, California
“Nude recreation is the “bomb”! Great people, new friends, awesome feeling, and freedom!”

Mary, California
“We were 23 years old when we went to our first nude resort in Wisconsin. All the way there from Chicago we kept saying to each other “are you sure you want to try it?” Well we made it and after 5 minutes we thought, what’s the big deal. We met the nicest, friendliest people. It was our best getaway we’d ever had. That was 30 years ago. We now live in California and we still go to nude resorts every year and we still always meet the nicest, friendliest people in the world. If you want a fun vacation experience, we highly recommend a nude vacation.”