We don’t necessarily live a great distance from our favorite nudist club or resort. We pack our few items for the day or weekend, get in the car, and drive a few miles or across town to our destination. That distance doesn’t amount to much.

 If we measure the emotional distance, a nudist club or resort is a faraway land indeed. I’ve heard more than a few nudists say that the biggest reason they chose this as a recreational choice is to get more vacation in an afternoon, than most get in weeks, a real respite from the rest of the world.

Here the disorder, the interruptions, the shrill urgency of the work at hand, or the world’s noise is replaced by a different type of noise. It’s not that a nudist environment is quiet! But the sounds we hear are of laughter and greetings, of water splashing, various games being played, or even music beckoning for us to forget our cares and Dance, play, RELAX!

“Reverie in any form- be it splitting wood, working a patch of garden soil, or daydreaming, is as necessary to a fulfilled life as any other work we do.” (Peter Fossel)

We can feel summer almost here, and I can’t wait! We have a region rich in sun and fun this year, there are festivals and conventions, the skinny dip, the short trips with long rewards!

See you by the pool soon!